{Digital Marketing: Web site reputation}

{Digital Marketing: Web site reputation}

What does web site reputation mean to a business?

A recent publication by a by a long time business friend of mine caused me to look into the site reputation checks performed by quality online Antivirus/Spyware tools used for business.

As Ingrid points out web security for “end-points” (desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile-devices) is provided with centralised reputation services run by the security systems suppliers. When a site is created most private or personal business web sites get a general classification “un-categorized”. This places your web site in the suspicious or some other dubious accreditation class.

Search results are displayed for the site and flagged as containing possible malicious content. This may cause government and large corporate network security services to block access to your site. In the past, when I was involved in my managed services business we were often involved with updating “white-list” profiles for our larger customers. This disrupts the smooth operation of both sellers and potential purchasers of items.

To find the article on how you can go about fixing this here is the link to Ingrid’s article heartcomms.com.au/antivirus-programs-killing-clients .

Does you business web sites reputation matter?

Well that depends on what your expecting your site to do for your sales and which customer segments your involved with.

In a business strategic plan which aligns technology with the objectives of the business two elements influence the importance of a web sites reputation.

One is Process, which deals with the delivery of our goods and services. The other is Market, identifying who are our customers, why do they buy the products we have and how important is the value of our product.

What our strategy tells us is whether we need to take action about our web sites reputation;

  1. Do we sell or deliver our products via our web site
  2. Are our products used or supplied to Government, Education or large/multi-national companies
  3. Do customers or potential customers obtain information like brochures, help or assistance from our web site
  4. Is our web site used as a target for landing pages or promotions
  5. Do customers value our reputation / credibility for technology matters

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions, then the reputation or you web site for search and access security is important. You should undertake a review or have your technology support provider update your companies web site status.

I’ve got to say that for my web site I answered yes to 3, 4 and 5 so undertook the suggested category updates.

I can say that Webroot, McAfee and Trend Micro have updated my web site status to “Business/Economy” within 24 hours. I have also enabled a blacklist check through MX Toobox. I am waiting for the request to be processed by Kaspersky and Norton.

Some helpful tools can be found here compiled by Lenny Zeltser at zeltser.com/lookup-malicious-websites. I also setup a weekly web site IP blacklist report through a free account with MX Toolbox, mxtoolbox.com.